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Theatre Bath Review - City of Angels


So what’s not to like? Nothing.

Author Stine (ever reliable Ed Corbishley) is writing the script for a film noir movie with Marcus May taking the cynical private eye part well. As it’s acted out on stage below, blustering bombastic editor Buddy (George Miles, enjoyably obnoxious) observes from his office, changing the action as he pleases; thus obliging the actors to repeat scenes differently.

With a plot that has flashbacks you’ll have to pay attention, but the action never drags so that’s not a problem. There are plenty of guns, bodies and blondes with cheating partners, “Her husband’s seventy five,” says one, “Some guys will come out of the grave to cheat.”

Everyone can sing seriously well, and I particularly loved world weary Oolie (Beth Hungar) giving You Can Always Count on Me just the right mix of cynicism and pathos.

So it’s February, the weather’s rubbish and you need something to cheer you up. This’ll do it.

Philip Horton