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Noda Review - Summer Holiday 2017

26th July 2017


Based on the film directed by Peter Yates, screenplay by Peter Myers and Ronald Cass

Zenith Youth Theatre Company

Performance date: 12th July 2017

Reviewed by Dee Way, District 14 Representative, South West Region

Thank you for your kind invitation to review your production of ‘Summer Holiday’.  This was the first production I have seen by Zenith Youth Theatre so I was very interested to see how this group performed.   I have to say I was most impressed! The large cast were both well organised and well rehearsed, yet found a spontaneity in the production that was highly commendable.  As this was the first night of the production, it was also obvious that as the show progresses, it will get even better!

This production, directed by Scott Rogers, was very well planned.  The changes of scene and the flow of the show demonstrated clear forethought and consideration for people changing costume and moving around backstage.  There were one or two rather long pauses between scenes, but I am sure these will tighten up.  The bus was great!  The way that there were seats one moment then a shower room the next, and the opening side of the bus created great spaces to play in.  Also the changes in lighting within the bus and its gingham curtains worked very well.

The opening set was inventive, with the bus stop down stage and the projection onto the backcloth of blue skies and clouds. This left plenty of room for the chorus to dance and act. The use of the downstage left table for the workshop chat was lovely and worked well around food and drink being served.  Many of the scenes were brilliantly created using simple touches of acting, costume or props, such as the umbrellas, newspapers and the elderly couple with the walking frame. 

The stage management of so many cast members and set changes was to be envied.  It all worked smoothly – apart from the forgotten sandwich – with the bus taking a starring role!