Project Zef



In August 2018, Zenith Youth Theatre Company will be performing at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the largest arts festival in the world and a melting pot for ideas, genres and inspiration. This is an ideal environment to bring young people to inspire them into going to and making theatre.

The project will involve bringing Zenith members to Edinburgh Fringe Festival for one week presenting four shows a day for one week (shows will be announced in the coming weeks) These plays will be performed on the Theatre Bus during its stay at the Festival. We will also be staging a small tour in culturally isolated parts of Bath and North East Somerset pre Edinburgh.

With the creation of the theatre bus by Theatre Bath it then became possible to bring Zenith Youth Theatre to the largest theatre festival in the world in an affordable venue.


  • To allow a group of young people to experience and explore the largest arts festival in the world. (see members statement below)

  • To demonstrate to the company how they might want to create their own work and bring it to the festival in future years

  • To give the opportunity for Zenith members to perform in an international theatre festival

  • Whilst performing to be in a professional environment they will be working with professional companies from around the world.

  • Give the company the opportunity to stage productions they wouldn’t normally be able to present due to cast size and subject matter

  • To give opportunities to some ex-members to come back after professional drama training and direct some of the productions

  • To enhance the profile and reputation of Zenith Youth Theatre Company on the national and international stage.

  • To create an even stronger bond between the company members with them making friend for life.

  • To provide a relatively in-expensive opportunity for young people to engage with the festival.

  • To expand and widen the horizons and ambitions of Zenith and getting us used to working outside of our comfort zone.

To help us make this an affordable experience we have embarked on a fund-raising campaign to raise £17,000 (Total raised so far is £11,472)towards the cost of visiting the festival and staging the shows.  The overall cost of the next chapter in Zenith’s book of ambitions will be in the region of £33,000


With the major cuts in arts funding and arts provision in schools it is imperative that young people are inspired and energised to explore the idea of making their own theatre without public subsidy and then presenting it to a public audience.  Without this inspiration we run the risk of losing a generation of theatre makers.

Many young people who have been Zenith members visit / perform in the Edinburgh Fringe during their university careers and have always been inspired by this amazing festival. See below some statements from past members)

Here are some current and ex-members telling us why they think the fringe is important to them and us!

Alfie Jervis (Current member)

Going to Edinburgh Fringe would be such an amazing experience for me and for everyone at Zenith, and to go to such an amazing place with so much variety and such a brilliant atmosphere would be fantastic, to also say that I have performed at Edinburgh Fringe with Zenith would also be fantastic.

Molly Dallimore (Current member)

It’s not just about going and performing in the biggest arts festival in the world, it’s about meeting people from all over the world with a common interest and understanding how to associate with people from different cultures and countries. This personally will help me in my future career as a Nanny

Alex Prescott (Ex member and now professional Director)

The Edinburgh Fringe opened my mind to the true spectrum of what ‘performance’ is. It’s an atmosphere where everyone is talking about theatre, where there is something for everyone and where you will probably see the best and worst shows you ever have.

It’s just so valuable for performers, directors, producers, everyone, to put on shows which perform to people outside of your local audiences, broadening your horizons beyond merely where you’re from. It certainly helped me realise there was a huge, global, exciting entertainment industry out there and Edinburgh gave me the courage to pursue it!

Daisy Jorgensen (Ex member and professional Actor)

Edinburgh Fringe is a huge learning curve, as a young creative you get a real 'pick n' mix' experience seeing a variety of theatre, comedy, dance, and cabaret. You have a marathon to run in terms of maintaining yourself as a professional surviving long days and at times a punishing schedule including performing, promoting and some cases producing too! I came away from the festival with a much clearer picture of the kind of theatre I wanted to make or work within, having met some incredible people of all ages who I have gone on to collaborate with on future projects, and a huge sense of pride in what we had achieved. I think for younger zenith members it would be a invaluable opportunity and a very special memory whether they decide to pursue a career in the theatre or not, the skills you learn are something I firmly believe you can put into practice in any workplace! If this had been something on offer during my time at Zenith I would have leapt at the chance! I think this is a wonderful idea for the company as they develop and provide such a wealth of life experience for the young people of Bath!


  1. Enhanced reputation for Zenith Youth Theatre Company
  2. A company who are excited, enthused, and inspired about making and going to theatre.
  3. A stronger company bond through working and sharing a week away in the pressured environment of producing shows during a festival.
  4. Promotion of the quality of work that is happening with young people in Bath and North East Somerset
  5. Investment in future leadership of the company with director mentoring
  6. A small pre-Edinburgh tour of culturally isolated communities within BANES presenting the work on the Theatre Bus
  7. Experience in working outside of the tradition Zenith model – which will give the confidence to push the boundaries of our creative strategy
  8. Professional development of Zenith’s current management and production teams with lessons learnt about planning, budgets, duty of care that are outside normal policies.
  9. A memorable and potential life changing experience for each and every one in the company.

If you are interested in Zenith and want to help them achieve the next milestone in their 53 year history please donate to our fund-raising appeal and help us realise our ambition.

For further information please email or call Scott on 07733242087